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ACC于9月17日开业, 1973, with an extraordinary vision to provide everyone access to an affordable, 素质教育.

今天, 我们尊重我们的过去, 庆祝我们的未来, and highlight our work of building brighter futures since 1973. 我们邀请您通过分享来加入庆祝活动 你的 旅程. 让我们知道ACC是如何帮助塑造你的生活的.



Over the last 50 years, ACC has shaped futures through learning. In our endless pursuit to be among the best colleges in the nation, we embraced a model of innovation and collaboration. We invite you to scroll through the videos here to meet the people and explore the programs and facilities that helped ACC transform the landscape of higher education.


Austin Community College District will honor its 50th anniversary with a series of exciting events and celebrations in 2023. This is a community affair, and we want to hear 你的 ideas! Our anniversary provides a unique opportunity to honor ACC’s past and celebrate our mission to provide access to the American Dream and upward mobility to all who seek it. If you have an event or celebration in mind, let us know!



On Saturday, December 9, 1972, Austin voters said “Yes” to a new community college. Whether Austin needed or could afford a community college had been debated for years. 在短短的九个月内, 行政协调会雇佣了教职员工, leased the former Anderson High School building and renamed it Ridgeview, 并于9月17日开业, 1973 to 1,726名学生. What started as an extraordinary vision is today the primary gateway to higher education and career training serving about 70,每年有1000名学生.



In celebration of the college’s founding in December 1972, ACC正在与我们的创始人-受托人重新建立联系, 管理员, 教师, 工作人员, 还有一开始就在这里的学生. We’d like to thank you and add you to a special list of alumni.

Dr. 莱昂纳多·德·拉·加尔萨

Chancellor Emeritus, Tarrant County College District

Dr. de la Garza served as a community college educator for more than 39 years. He wrote the state appropriation funding plan for the creation of ACC when he served on the 工作人员 of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. He served as the college’s Dean of Instruction and as the first Vice President for Instruction and Student Services under inaugural President Dr. 汤姆·哈特菲尔德. 在行政协调会工作了十年之后. de la Garza went on to become Executive Vice President at Coastal Bend College, 埃尔帕索社区学院院长, 圣达菲社区学院院长, 塔兰特郡学院院长.

He was recognized by the American Association of Community Colleges in 2021 and 2023, 分别, with the Lifetime Leadership Award and by induction into the AACC Hall of Fame. He lives close to his family in Sugar Land, and enjoys tending to the ranch in South Texas.


乔Lostracco is a founding 教师 member of ACC’s English department in 1973 and was the Humanities Division Chair as well as the English department chair from 1977 to 2007. He received the Exceptional Classroom Teaching Award from the Two-Year College English Association and co-founded and organized a popular 教师/工作人员 parody newsletter and annual show at ACC. 从学院退休后, he served as Special Assistant to both the President and the Vice President of Instruction and as senior editor for ACC’s Teaching & 卓越学习科.

Dr. 芭芭拉貂

博士肖像影印本. 芭芭拉貂 taken in 1973 and published in Austin American-Statesman along with a story announcing Mink’s (then known as Dr. Washburn’s) appointment as the new Associate Dean for Instructional Services for Austin Community College. 这张打印出来的照片属于博士. Mink, ACC的创始成员之一.


Bill Montgomery is an Austin Community College District founding member and professor of 历史. He was named Emeritus in 2001 and a Fulbright Professor in 1989-90. He was awarded the 1998-99 Teaching Excellence Award, the Choice’s Outstanding Academic Book Award for Under Their Own Vine and Fig Tree: The African-American Church in the South, 1865-1900, and the Lecturing award to the National University of Lesotho, 在南部非洲.


罗兰C. Hayes is a founding 教师 member of Austin Community College. He continues to serve as Director of the college’s African-American Cultural Center and as a history professor.


玛克辛蒙哥马利 is a self-described “founding mother” of Austin Community College. She joined the full-time English 教师 at the College’s inception in 1973. 玛克辛拿的是B.A. 在历史/英语中,我是M.A. 英语和博士学位.D. in English Education, all from the University of Texas at Austin. Maxine’s husband, Bill Montgomery, also is one of ACC’s original history 教师 members.


This group portrait was taken in 1973 and shows Linda Smith, 图书管理员, 芭芭拉·威尔克森, 媒体, 珍妮丝·坦普尔顿, 测试中心. All three were among Austin Community College’s first employees. 这张打印出来的照片属于博士. 芭芭拉·明克,ACC的创始成员之一.



There’s one-degree of separation from Austin Community College. 就算你没上过ACC,你也知道有人上过. The ACC故事项目 is an effort to collect unscripted stories from the hearts of those who have been impacted by the ACC mission— our students, 教职员工, 创始人, 合作伙伴, 和校友. 成为历史的一部分. 通过分享你的ACC故事.


# ACCStoryProject

把你的故事上传到社交网站上! 在社交媒体@ACC上加入对话


From scavenger hunts and volunteer opportunities to 创始人 Day and 50 year reunion, updates and additional information will be added here. All ACC departments and organizations are encouraged to plan 你的 own events or suggest collegewide celebrations.


8月28日 St. John Encampment Commons/UFCU Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
9月17 - 23日 Riverbat返校周
9月18日 美国行政协调会董事会接待博士. 理查德·罗兹
9月21日 ACC创始人午餐会
9月23日 50年后:河蝠的回归
9月29日 行政协调会大会
12月7日 秋天开始
12月15日 教师 & Staff Holiday Party (current and former employees)


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